Øls Smiley Collection!

Happy smiley smile
Raise brows smiley raisebrows
Afro smiley afro
Odd smiley odd
chocked smiley shocked
Suspect smiley suspect
agree smiley agree
Who me smiley who-me
smiley angle angel
anglegirl smiley anglegirl
Argue smiley argue
arms up smiley armsup
banana dancing smiley banana
smiley with bottle bottle
bottom up smiley bottomup
ikke værdig smiley bowdown
burning smiley burning
in love smiley bluelove
cheer smiley cheer
cheerleader smiley cherleader
cheers smiley cheers
clapping smiley clap
confused smiley confused
cool smiley cool
cool dancing smiley cooldancing
crying smiley cry
ban smiley ban
mad cursing smiley cursing
devil smiley devil
dj smiley dj
drooling smiley drooling
dropdead smiley dropdead
druk smiley drunken
eeek smiley eeek
egg smiley egg
flower flirt smiley flowerflirt
sick smiley with flu flu
goodluck smiley goodluck
grouphug smiley grouphug
guitar smiley guitar
pistol smiley guns
haa-haa smiley haa-haa
hahaha smiley hahaha
glorie smiley halo
handjob smiley handjob
harp smiley harp
headbanger smiley headbanger
In love smiley inlove
inocent smiley innocent
hopping smiley jumping
kiss smiley kiss
kiss on cheek smiley kissoncheek
lightsword smiley lightsword
lol above smiley lol-above
angry mooner smiley madmoon
matrix smiley matrix
mmm smiley mmm
mnm smiley mnm
moon smiley moon
nah-nah smiley nah-nah
hahaha smiley nah-nah2
no no smiley nono
nurse smiley nurse
offtopic smiley offtopic
oops smiley oops
polish ring smiley polishing
popcorn smiley popcorn
more popcorn smiley popcorn1
pray smiley pray
praying smiley praying
puke smiley puke
rave smiley rave
redvine smiley redvine
rocking smiley rocking
sad smiley sad
scared smiley scared
chocked smiley shocked
another shocked smiley shocked1
sniper smiley sniper
couch smiley sofa
sorry smiley sorrysign
spam smiley spam
spider smiley spider
sprint smiley sprint
rules smiley rulez
svedene smiley sweat
smiley in swing swing
thump down smiley thumbdown
thump up smiley thumbup
green thump up smiley thumpupgreen
toilet smiley toilet
toungue smiley tongue
typing smiley typing
violin smiley violin
lucky guy smiley weee
whip smiley whip
winder smiley winner
worship smiley worship
yeah smiley yeah
sleeping smiley zzzz
ton of bricks smiley tonofbricks
wink smiley wink
cat smiley Cat


Big smilies


My little smiley collection

My little smiley collection can come in handy when posting on forums and blogs on the Internet. This is chosen smilies found various places on the net. I have chosen more from quality then quantity.

A smiley linked in the post have a bad habit of disappearing again, and suddenly there's a dead linked image in the forum post. Finding the special smiley you used a months ago, can also suddenly be hard and time consuming. That's why I started this collection of smilies. They should hopefully be here to stay.

My collection started with this smiley: Løftede øjenbryn smiley


How To Use Smiley In Forum Post

If you need a smiley from the collection to a forum post do like this:

Right click on the smiley you want to use, and choose properties. Now you can see the address on the smiley. In case of choosing the smilety above the address is:


Mark up the adres with the mouse and press Ctrl+C for copy. Now go to the post you are making on the forum. Paste in the smiley using Ctrl+V at the spot wwhere you want the smiley to be. Mark up the pasted adress again, and use the insert picture button on your forum. Now you should have [img] [/img] tags around the smiley adress looking like this.


When you post your message, it will looks like this raisbrow.gif

Smilies vs smilys

What is the right word, when you got more then one smiley? Looks like smilies are winning. Follow the battle here:

Smilies vs Smilys

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